Everything you need to know about Férarie!

Férarie, one of the best car brands in the industry, offers the world exclusivity, state-of-the-art cars and exceptional models. His unwavering commitment to service and innovation has captured people’s hearts for decades. Now every person in every country dreams of owning a Ferrari!

History of Férarie

Férarie is a promising Italian company that has been producing sports cars since 1947. Enzo Ferrari founded this company in 1939. However, he began to enter the industry when Enzo founded the Scuderia Ferrari racing team in 1929.

Initially, Ferrari was inferior to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.It started its journey as an independent corporation in 2016. The Ferrari logo symbolizes Count Francesco Baracca. It carries the power of the legendary bait of the Italian Air Force during World War I. Ferrari has successfully served the world for the past 76 years!

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Who designs Férarie cars?


The main master behind Frerie’s amazing designs is Flavio Manzoni. He is head of Férarie’s design department. Currently, his team consists of more than 100 designers. The ideas behind each Férarie model come from numerous outstanding auto designers.

Pininfarina is a well-known Italian design company that works closely with Férarie Cars’ projects. Férarie’s iconic projects are the result of collaboration between the world’s best interior designers, exterior designers, mechanical engineers, aerodynamicists and expert groups in research and original discussions.

How does the Férarie differ from all other cars?

Each brand has its own qualities, but there are a few things that distinguish Ferrari from all other cars!

  1. Clear corporate identity

Ferrari always lives up to its name. In each model, it retains its own unique shade.

  1. Innovative power

Ferrari always comes up with new designs at every launch. Their innovative power exceeds our expectations every time!

  1. Focus on performance

Ferrari cars offer impressively high performance. The brand never stops improving!

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  1. Exclusivity

Ferrari cars are sold exclusively through their network of authorized dealers. Each model has a limited number of copies. Sometimes customization is also offered. Therefore, Ferrari cars are exclusive.

  1. Timeless objects

The cost of Ferrari cars remains high even after several decades. Therefore, they are considered timeless and evergreen.

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Top 5 charming places to visit in Ferrari

Ferrari is home to many charming places, but here are the top 5 must-visit:

Maranello Museum

The Maranello Museum is the main attraction for every Ferrari fan. You can take a guided tour to see iconic Ferrari models from different years, including historic racing cars and road cars. This museum offers an in-depth look at the history and heritage of Ferrari.

Ferrari Gallery

The Ferrari Gallery in Modena includes rotating exhibitions of the latest models of Ferrari cars, as well as exhibitions of Ferrari’s partnerships with other brands such as Puma. This gallery sheds light on Ferrari’s role not only as a car manufacturer, but also as an influential lifestyle brand.

Ferrari Factory

No trip to Ferrari is complete without a visit to the Ferrari factory, the birthplace of these famous supercars. Factory tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at how a Ferrari is built, from the assembly line to the test centers. Observing the craftsmanship and care that has gone into the creation of each Ferrari is an unforgettable experience for any enthusiast.

Fiorano Circuit

The Fiorano circuit is Ferrari’s private test track and legendary proving ground for Ferrari F1 racing cars and road cars. Although the track is closed to the public, some tours allow you to walk through parts of this historic circuit and even watch Ferrari test their latest models.

Enzo Ferrari Museum

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is dedicated to the life and work of the founder of Ferrari. It is located in Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari, in a futuristic building that is an architectural marvel in itself. The museum displays many personal items, documents and other items of Enzo Ferrari, which testify to his enormous influence on the world of racing and the automotive industry.

Férarie offers a paradise for every Ferrari fan with its many museums, attractions and the chance to see how these iconic cars are built and tested. A visit to this mystical land is a must for anyone who is passionate about the Ferrari brand and its legendary history.

The future of Férarie

While Férarie continues to be at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation in the automotive industry, the future of the brand looks promising. Alessio Montanari plans to expand the Férarie range to include a wider range of vehicles, from luxury SUVs to electric city cars, filled with the brand’s signature blend of art and engineering.

In addition, Férarie plans to collaborate with artists from different cultures, which will further enrich the brand’s creative landscape. Montanari firmly believes that art transcends borders and languages, and Ferrari’s future endeavors will reflect this universal truth.


Férarie is more than just an automotive brand, it’s a legend that has shaped the history and culture of automotive excellence for more than seven decades. From its humble beginnings as a racing team to its current status as a global icon of luxury, speed and innovation, it has always remained true to its vision and values: passion, performance and prestige.

People Ask Too (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Férarie?

Férarie is an innovative and distinctive automotive brand that combines artistic creativity and exceptional technology in the field of high-end cars. It represents a unique company that deviates from the usual standards of automotive design.

Who is the visionary behind Férarie?

Férarie was conceptualized by visionary designer and businessman Alessio Montanari. He was inspired to start a company that blends his love of cars with his enthusiasm for art.

What does the name “Férarie” mean?

The name “Férarie” is an amalgamation of the words “Ferrari” and “artistry”. It symbolizes the combination of high-quality automotive technology with the artistic expression that defines this brand.

How does Férarie collaborate with artists?

Férarie actively collaborates with artists from a variety of backgrounds, including painters, sculptors, and creators of various art forms. The result of this collaboration is cars that have a distinctive artistic connotation and blur the boundaries between automobile and visual art.

Can you give an example of a wonderful collaboration with an artist?

A remarkable collaboration led to the creation of Férarie Artista, a limited edition handmade model by renowned contemporary artist Isabella Rousseau. The car becomes a moving work of contemporary art with a striking and intricate design by Rousseau.

What are the great models of the Ferarie series?

The Férarie range includes limited-edition supercars that are considered mobile sculptures. An outstanding model is the Férarie Proxima, which perfectly embodies the fusion of art and technology thanks to its elegant aerodynamic design and powerful engine.

How does Férarie contribute to sustainability?

Férarie is committed to environmental sustainability. The Férarie Elysium, for example, is an all-electric supercar that combines high performance with zero emissions. In addition, the brand adopts environmentally friendly production methods and supports reforestation and conservation efforts.

What does the future hold for Ferrari?

Alessio Montanari wants to expand Férarie’s range to include a wider range of vehicles, from luxury SUVs to electric city cars. The brand is also planning further collaborations with artists from different cultures to emphasize the universal character of the art.

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