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Security Gates: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to buying a security barrier to strengthen your company’s security, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice, and it’s important to know your options to make sure you’re making the right decision.(Security gates)

It is important to remember that security barriers are not the end of access control security, and it is recommended to consider more than one security system. However, security barriers form an important foundation and are still essential for the security of many companies.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the options available to you when deciding to purchase a security barrier for your business.

How do I know what kind of fence I need?

Be aware that you know the options available to you, it is important to make the right decisions when it comes to shopping, but understanding the options is often not enough to make that decision for you.

It is important to understand why you are installing an armored door, where the gate will be located and what are the advantages of each type of gate. By understanding these key elements, you can tailor the benefits of a single security barrier to your own needs, ensuring the security of your business.

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5 types of security doors: how to choose the right gate


Even after considering your door requirements depending on the type of property you own or manage, there are still many types of security doors you can choose from. The biggest differences are in the size and opening mechanism of each Security gates  door.

To control access to your property, there are five main types of protective barriers:

  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Mussels
  • Vertical
  • Pedestrian
  1. Revolving doors

As with the door, the hinged door opens to allow access for vehicles. When installing automatic swing gates, be sure to indicate where cars should stop so that they are not hit by the barrier when they are opened. This port design is also easy to use manually.

Revolving gates are designed specifically for vehicles, so pedestrians may need a separate option. Buckles are often used to detect vehicles by revolving gates.

  1. Sliding doors

This door is more common in commercial establishments and opens by sliding it to the left or right. These doors traditionally use wheels to move the door from left to right. Repairing wheels is the most common maintenance problem for sliding gates.

There are several types of sliding gates:

V-shaped sliding doors: Roller shutters are opened by sliding along the lane with the help of wheels located under the barrier. This is not ideal for adverse weather conditions, as the wheels and rail can be blocked by dirt, snow and other debris.

Cantilevered sliding doors: This door also opens sideways, but the wheels are on the door jambs rather than a strip on the floor. Due to the closed roadway, the cantilever gate requires less maintenance. Overhead sliding doors: An overhead door moves in a closed channel, just as an overhead door. An airway glides over the door. Trucks taller than 16 feet might not be able to enter, though, as the door’s height is constrained by the overhead beam.

  1. Folding doors

As the name suggests, a double gate consists of two panels that are folded to open. Some designs include four double-sided signs. Like a sliding door, a folding door can move in a closed alley, on the floor or overhead, depending on the design. Closed runways last the longest because they are not exposed to the elements.

The biggest advantage of a folding door is speed. These doors are generally considered to be the fastest to open and close, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas.

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  1. Vertical doors

All vertical doors open and climb up the rails. Due to its vertical movement, this design is more compact than a sliding or revolving door. Vertical doors can fit a variety of opening sizes and open fast, like a folding door.

There are two popular vertical door designs:

Vertical tailgate: This tailgate opens by rising directly above it. The door is moved along the pillars with the help of a caterpillar. The height of the vehicle is an important factor to consider when choosing a model to ensure that the trucks do not get stuck under the barrier. Due to the appearance of the columns, this gate is used almost exclusively in industrial facilities.

Vertical revolving door: The revolving door opens upwards by rotating it 90 degrees. This door has no height restrictions, but it takes up a little more space than the tailgate when the trim is moved to the side.

  1. Pedestrian barriers

All the doors we’ve talked about so far are designed for vehicles. However, pedestrians can still enter through a revolving or sliding door in an emergency. If you’re expecting pedestrians outside your door, consider installing a separate pedestrian entrance.

Like the front door, pedestrian doors can be manual or automatic and are best used in conjunction with a wireless intercom.

The four main models of pedestrian Security gates doors are:

Swing gates for pedestrians: Like swing gates for vehicles, these gates open on a hinge to allow people to pass. It takes up space on both sides so that the door panel can swing.

Pedestrian Accordion Gate: The design of this accordion door reflects what is used in the interior for pets and children. When opened, the door panel folds horizontally to the side, like an accordion that lets people through.

Folding pedestrian gates: As with folding gates for vehicles, folding gates for pedestrians consist of two panels that can be folded to open.

Pedestrian gates: Most likely, you call them “turnstiles”. In the subway, the pedestrian gates rotate so that one person after another can pass in quick succession.

7 tips for choosing the right Security gates fences and doors for your business

Any business owner’s main focus should always be safety. In today’s world, the safety of employees and assets is critical to the success of any business. One of the most important aspects of building security is choosing the right security doors and gates. When selecting a security door, there are many various things to take into account, such as the material, locking system, and level of security you require. Here are seven suggestions to assist you in selecting the best security door for your company:

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a security door, including the material, locking mechanism, and level of security you need. Here are seven suggestions to assist you in selecting the best security door for your company:

  1. Consider the degree of security you require. Different businesses require different levels of protection. You need a more secure entrance than a company with lower security needs if you have valuable inventory or sensitive data.
  2. Pick the appropriate material. Steel or aluminum are typically used to make security doors. Although steel is more costly and provides more safety, it is also more durable. Though less expensive and still providing excellent safety, aluminum is not as robust as steel.
  3. Make sure the door has a good locking mechanism. The locking mechanism is one of the most important elements of door security. Look for a door with a deadbolt and several locking points.
  4. Consider the size and weight of the door. Security doors can be heavy and bulky, so make sure you have room for them. You also need to make sure that the door is strong enough to support its own weight.
  5. Choose a door with warranty. The warranty protects you in the event of damage or malfunction of the door.
  6. Get a professional installation. Security doors must be installed by a professional. This ensures that the door is installed correctly and that all safety features are working properly.
  7. Keep the door normal. Security doors require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. This includes cleaning the door, lubricating the hinges and checking the locking mechanism.

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Speed: Electric gates open and close faster than manual gates on average.

Low labor costs: Automated systems don’t require employees to use them manually, which saves money.

Integration: Many electric gates can be integrated with other security solutions such as security cameras and access control systems.


Maintenance: Due to the additional technology used, electric gates need to be serviced more frequently.

Price: The initial cost of an automated gate system is higher than that of a manual port. Power: Numerous electronic gates need ongoing connectivity to both the internet and energy. This makes certain remote areas unlikely candidates for installation.

Additional advice

When selecting a security door, take your company’s aesthetic into account. You want a door that blends in with the design of your building as a whole.

Before making a choice, request quotations from several different companies. This will assist you in obtaining the best security door price. When researching, take installation costs into account.

Before making a choice, research various security door providers online. You can use this to obtain a sense of the caliber of the business’s goods and services.

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