Progressive Renters Insurance Review (2024)

Progressive began offering creative, cost-effective auto insurance to its customers in 1937. Since then, Progressive has expanded the range of products it offers in the insurance market to include pet insurance, commercial coverage for company owners, and coverage for vehicles like ATVs and golf carts. Additionally, the company provides homeowners’ and renters’ insurance.

Progressive has a strong track record and a large selection of insurance alternatives, making it one of the best renters insurance companies on the market. Our examination of the company’s insurance options at MarketWatch Guides led to the creation of this progressive renters insurance review. According to our research, renters looking to save money by combining their vehicle and renters insurance coverage should choose Progressive.

What is progressive insurance?

Payouts from Progressive Insurance, one of the largest auto insurance companies in the country, will not disappoint.

The company’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (PGR) and are in a strong financial situation.

Progressive is well known for being one of the first insurance companies to provide premium installment plans, which aided in increasing the accessibility of insurance for a larger number of customers.

How does Progressive Renter Insurance operate?

“Does Progressive offer insurance for renters?”

Recently, a reader asked if he could use Progressive to insure his tenants.

Fortunately, Progressive also provides renters insurance. The company is primarily recognized for its auto insurance.

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What Benefits Are Provided by Progressive Renters Insurance?


Renters insurance offers a wide range of coverage. One of the easiest ways to lower the cost of insurance is to just pay for the coverage you need. Progressive Renters Insurance offers the following alternatives for renters insurance:

Protection of visitors’ health:

Guests who have been injured while visiting your establishment will benefit from this. Regardless of who is at fault, it can help cover critical medical expenses in the event of an accident. In general, approved medical expenses include hospital stays, X-rays, ambulance rides, and surgery. Note that the guest health insurance does not extend to every guest staying at the resort.

safeguarding one’s personal belongings

Furniture and other items in your house are covered by this insurance. Your personal property insurance can assist you in paying for their replacement if they are lost or damaged.

Covered living expenses:

The cost of sustaining a comparable quality of living following an insured loss that beyond the policyholder’s regular expenses is reimbursed to the insured individual by this coverage. For instance, it can cover the cost of the insured’s hotel stays while the house is being repaired or replaced after a fire, or it might last until the insured relocates permanently.

Liability insurance for tenants:

If you are sued or sued as a result of an insurance claim, your renters’ personal liability insurance may help cover applicable legal costs and damages. Your renter’s insurance, for instance, can protect you in the event that a visitor trips and falls into your apartment, breaking their leg.

Reporting on Earthquakes:

This addresses a portion of the loss and harm that earthquakes may bring to your house, land, and additional structures on your property.

Protection Against Identity Theft:

This bill pays for identity restoration expenses and safeguards homeowners against identity theft.

Backup coverage for drainage and sewage systems:

This coating will assist you in repairing water damage brought on by burst submersible pumps, overflowing drains and sewers, and water coming up from the bottom.

Important Things:

Items like pricey collections, wedding bands, watches, and other valuables are protected against theft, loss, and damage by valuable personal property insurance.

Progressive Renters Insurance’s Benefits and Drawbacks


Extra Protection Against Water Outage and Personal Injury

Many alternatives for discounts, including full coverage for auto insurance

Quickly and simply request a price over the phone or online.


makes use of a third party to underwrite insurance

Increased startup expenses as a result of required down payments

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What does Progressive Renters Insurance cover?

These are the standard areas of coverage that renters insurance provides.

Personal property insurance covers a wide range of items, such as jewelry, rugs, cookware, appliances, furniture, clothing, and more. The insurance covers damage caused by things like explosions, falling objects, fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and snow and ice loads.

Insurance against liability: If you inadvertently cause someone else’s property damage or physical harm, this coverage will start. For example, settlement agreements or court rulings may follow if someone falls into your home and you are found legally responsible. It also includes legal defense costs in the event that you are sued for an accident.

Health insurance: If someone gets harmed in your house, you can choose this type of coverage to pay for their modest medical bills, regardless of who is at blame. For example, in the event that a guest trips and falls and injures their ankle on a wet floor, medical care may cover the cost of the ambulance ride.

It is common for medical insurance to be offered in $1,000 increments.

Protection against supplementary living costs: If your home is destroyed by a covered risk (like a fire), your insurance will cover additional living expenses including hotel stays, out-of-home meal bills, and laundry services.


Taking everything into account, we believe Progressive to be a respectable business with a proven track record of honoring claims and offering top-notch renters insurance customer service.

Progressive has consistently had excellent financial and customer reviews with little complaints from customers.

We value the fact that property coverage has no maximum, since it is essential to know that you will be protected in case your belongings are lost or damaged.

Progressive sets itself apart with the range and quality of its customer service options, which include a website, a phone line, and a free mobile app that make it easy to get help 365 days a year.

We want the claims procedure to be centralized and carried out online, rather than requiring policyholders to contact one of Progressive’s subsidiaries if they have issued a policy.

We would also like to see more options for supplemental coverage in order to let renters adjust their coverage.

Because it allows policyholders to save money when applying for both renters insurance and auto insurance at the same time, we like the Progressive option with a simple deductible.

All things considered, we believe that Progressive is a respectable substitute for renters who want insurance coverage for their belongings in the event of damage, and it’s a particularly good choice for those who want a high insurance limit.

We usually recommend getting estimates from at least three rental insurance providers in order to compare costs and coverage before selecting a policy. Additionally, don’t forget to take advantage of any discounts that are offered.

Commonly Asked Questions

What additional insurance products does Progressive provide?

Among other things, Progressive sells and services motorbikes, vehicles, yachts, and umbrellas. It also provides other insurance products, such as flood and house insurance.

Is theft covered by Progressive Renter’s insurance?

Indeed, one of the “dangers” covered by a typical renter policy is theft. Remember that any theft claim you submit is often subject to your deductible.

Are warehouses covered by Progressive’s renters insurance policies?

Your possessions are typically covered to some extent or against specific risks by renters plans while they are being stored. Additionally, it could change based on the organization Progressive assigns you to. It’s advisable to inquire with your insurance provider.

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